This Disclaimer relates to the provision of LH-B’s services within its business/ services model that utilises LHB’s Resources and those of its Delivery Partners that include close Affiliates and select Advisory Network Firms.

1. All Delivery Partners are independent businesses regulated by their respective professional bodies in their respective jurisdictions/ countries, and directly accountable to Clients for their services rendered in the ordinary course of their business. LH-B work closely in cooperation with such firms/ companies and unless specifically agreed in writing otherwise with Clients shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever, either as a legal partner or agent or otherwise for advice and services rendered by its Delivery Partners.

2. LH-B is a business advisor engaging in specific services retained by clients and is not itself a provider of regulated fiduciary, tax, corporate finance, legal or other services.

3. Where any Director or Manager of LH-B purports to act specifically as an advisor, director or manager of any of LH-B’s Delivery Partners, under specific written terms and engagement, the same shall not be construed as acting in any manner on behalf of LH-B but shall act within the organizational control and responsibility of such Delivery Partner in the ordinary course of the latter’s own business.

4. The listing of any advisor/ person as a “Resource” in relation to LH-B’s Services hereunder and who is not an officer or employee of LH-B, and being specifically identified in relation to a specific Delivery Partner, is purely for purposes of and indicative of the resources available to Clients within LH-B’s Delivery Partner affiliations