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Harinder Lamba, CEO , LH-Blenheim Advisors


Harinder Lamba


Harinder Lamba is CEO of LH-Blenheim Advisors Limited (LH-B), a niche London-based India advisory business he founded in early 2006 to work with small and large British and European companies that seek to enter or already operate in India.As an experienced business and risk advisor to several companies, Harinder specializes in sifting through the glitter of “India Shining” to help identify and persue realistic and realizable business opportunities. More crucially, Harinder offers hands-on tactical advice and navigation to British and European managers and owners in the face of threats from local risks of manipulation, corruption, bribery and financial bleed.Having begun his 28-year career in London as an India-focused lawyer with a small City firm, Harinder moved away in 1992 from legal practice to other cross-border business and advisory roles.Previous employment history includes senior roles at Unisys Corporation (Offshoring Director) Pricewaterhousecoopers UK (Senior Advisor), Standard Chartered Bank Plc. (Expatriate Country Compliance/Legal Head for India), Degree Enterprises Group AS, Turkey (Head Projects), Minaret Group, Azerbajjan (Head Corporate Finance).Born, brought up and educated in India, Harinder lives in London with his family and divides his time between India and Europe.