Harinder Lamba


Harinder Lamba is CEO of LH-Blenheim Advisors Limited (LH-B), a niche London-based India advisory business he founded in early 2006 to work with small and large British and European companies that seek to enter or already operate in India.As an experienced business and risk advisor to several companies, Harinder specializes in sifting through the glitter of “India Shining” to help identify and persue realistic and realizable business opportunities. More crucially, Harinder offers hands-on tactical advice and navigation to British and European managers and owners in the face of threats from local risks of manipulation, corruption, bribery and financial bleed.Having begun his 29-year career in London as an India-focused lawyer with a small City firm, Harinder moved away in 1992 from legal practice to other cross-border business and advisory roles. Previous employment history includes senior roles at Unisys Corporation (Offshoring Director) Pricewaterhousecoopers UK (Senior Advisor), Standard Chartered Bank Plc. (Expatriate Country Compliance/Legal Head for India), Degree Enterprises Group AS, Turkey (Head Projects), Minaret Group, Azerbajjan (Head Corporate Finance).Born, brought up and educated in India, Harinder lives in London with his family and divides his time between India and Europe.



Gisle Wold Larsen


With years of experience in building international businesses, Gisle assists with LH-Blenheim business development and client relations in Scandinavia, especially Norway and Sweden, and Spain. The focus is on assisting both large and small companies that need crucial navigation for business entry and managing ‘soft risks’ relative to their Indian projects and initiatives. For the last 20 years, Gisle has been working with international business development, mainly within the IT and telecommunications industries. He has held different management positions, including Managing Director in iPhone Telecom (Spain), CEO Ionosphere Asia & Middle East, Director of International Markets in Telenor and Sales Director IBM Nordic. His early career included system development and consulting roles in Alcatel Norway, Gruppen and as Managing Director of Beslutningsstotte AS. Gisle’s geographical experience cuts across Europe, Middle East and South Asia.
Born and educated in Norway, Gisle lives with his family in Oslo with frequent travel to South Asia and the Middle East.



Ruhi Grover

Ruhi specializes in South Asia and is a PhD, History, from the University of Virginia, USA, and an MA from India’s premier St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and a BA from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, India. Well networked in University Academic and Media circles in India, Ruhi assists, on behalf of LH- Blenheim, UK/Western Universities in strategies for entering and succeeding in the high-growth education environment in India.She has previous teaching and research experience at the University of Virginia, working closely with the Centre of South Asia on various outreach programmes in the State of Virginia. Ruhi also managed the International House at the university in Charlottesville for incoming international students, research fellows and professors, and was involved in various voluntary groups. Having taught at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, presenting papers and publishing work in journals, Ruhi worked closely with the University of Third Age and Otago Museum in promoting awareness of South Asia. In the last 10 years Ruhi has been a Project Coordinator with National Mencap in London dealing with carers and adults with learning disabilities.Born and brought up in India, Ruhi began her early career as a journalist with The Times of India Newspaper in Delhi; and as Research Assistant Editor, Asia- Pacific Communications Associates, Delhi, anchoring The First Edition, a daily morning news affairs programme on TV channel DD 3. Ruhi is based in London.


Mickela Moore


Mickela is corporate lawyer, qualified in the USA, with 25 years of London and Vienna based European experience. She has significant experience of international business transactions, and has particular ground level experience of Austria and Eastern European business and cultural issues. Mickela is currently based in Hungary, and deals with business flows between Hungarian and Eastern European businesses in relation to India. She lives in Vienna with her husband.



Thomas Havranek

Thomas is the Managing Partner of CIN-Consult GmbH based in Vienna. He holds a law degree and has worked in the accounting and auditing field since 1993. He is an accountant since 2001 and a certified court expert for white collar crime. Thomas Havranek is the first certified court expert for Security and Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Compliance in Austria and has 20 years of experience in the area of Security- and Risk Management.As a close associate of LH-B, Thomas is responsible for business flows and client dealings in Austria for companies seeking entry into the Indian market for projects and other investment. Thomas also assists Indian companies with due diligence and investigation services in Austria and Eastern EuropeHis expertise ranges from personal protection, organization of security at major events to Security and Risk Management architecture for major companies. Having worked as a CPA for the Austrian CPA company HFP, which is a member of HLB International, a worldwide Organisation of Accountants and Business Advisors, he run forensic accounting projects for major banks in Eastern Europe.
Thomas has run Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Research projects in Russia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Azerbaijan, Albania and Ukraine. Thomas lives in Vienna with his family.


Pankaj Patel

Pankaj is a qualified solicitor and founding partner of PKP French, Solicitors, based in the UK. He specialises in all aspects of legal practice with particular focus on property, litigation and commercial. In 1991 he was a Board member and Company Secretary of a £30m IT Training Services company in the UK; and in 1997 co-promoter a £7m IT Educational Company. Pankaj is also an active member of The Rotary Club and Lions Club and spends a fair amount of his time raising funds for various charities.Pankaj lives in London with his wife and two children

Judy Lovell

Judy is based in the Channel Islands with LH-Blenheim’s closely associated firm, Blenheim Fiduciary Group (BFG). She deals with Clients seeking to set up administered offshore solutions in any international location, including companies and trusts, for their projects and initiatives in relation to India. BFG can assist clients with their planning and set-up needs when seeking international structures to support their international business and personal requirements. Judy lives in Guernsey