The Challenge of India

Business success in India requires early and upfront action to understand the ground realities. Who is one really dealing with? Where exactly might they lead a Western partner? To profits, reputation loss or quite simply financial bleed? This takes on a particular urgency and anxiety for senior management back home in the West. The size of projected opportunities must be tempered against the opaque local cultural practices within which the boundaries of corruption, bribery and manipulation tend to blur. Many companies spend patient years pursuing Indian projects, but discover they’ve barely moved in the direction of projected revenues, only costs. Others seem to brazenly hit the ground running but seem either unaware of the local cultural headwinds or quite simply have yet to quantify or communicate to head-office the real costs.

The challenge of India remains, especially in the public infrastructure and other government sectors, how to tie down the glitter of “India Shining” to real realizable revenue and profits without losing one’s reputation or capital to local manipulation, corruption and bribery.

Our Role

LH-Blenheim (LH-B) advises British and European companies on India market entry, projects and soft due diligence. Our focus on both Business Creation and Risk & Due Diligence means that proactive soft due diligence is integral to our role in generating new business. Whether a company seeks to enter or already operates in India, LH-B’s priority is less on “advice notes” consulting and more on hands-on engagement in the field alongside clients. The emphasis is on success through realistic and realizable opportunities and strategies.

We necessarily go beyond the limitations of routine legal and financial Due Diligence. This is crucial to counter adverse cultural headwinds, and more often than not yields new angles, perspectives and unexpected new realizable opportunities.

Our role is under-pinned by both our experience of Indian ground realities and our relationship network within the Indian corporate and government establishment.

Complement Client Team – India Expertise

We tend to role up our sleeves to complement our Clients’ project teams. Our efforts focus on (a) identifying real entry and project opportunities, potential partners and suitable tactics, sifting through the noise of “India Shining”, and (b) establishing discreetly the soft risk and project issues at the ground level covering partners, employees, local advisors and government agencies in India – that may adversely impact our Clients and their success.

Tactical Support

LH-B inputs critical advice and analysis to a Client’s India team, offering navigation, intelligence and tactical support in negotiations and decision-making. More importantly, we also work with Client Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility) teams in achieving the fine balance of “acceptable” commercial success in India.

Experience & Track-Record

Our team has significant relevant experience and track record in assisting our British and European Clients.

LH-B clients have included both small SMEs and larger companies (including State-owned and FT 100) in a range of sectors such as Wind turbine manufacturing to Biotech, to Power & Renewable Energy, Defence & Aerospace, Space, Public Mass Transportation (Buses, Metro & Railways), Airports & ATC, Motorsport Engineering/Electronics and general Engineering. Apart from the UK, Client companies have ranged from countries such as Norway, Austria, Germany and Spain.

Support to SMEs

Recognizing the resource limitation of smaller UK and European companies, we aim to fill the people and expertise gap within a Client’s team. We work within the typical  limitations that small company owners face in taking their businesses overseas.





Our mission is to maximise opportunities for Clients and minimize surrounding risks arising from local cultural tactics and practices in India


LH-B employees, contractors or associates must never use or ask any third party to use unlawful or unethical means such as misrepresentation, deception, theft, spying or bribery.


We are committed to maintaining discreet services and handling our clients’ identities and interests with the highest confidentiality. Our work is to the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.