Risk & Due Diligence

Key Risks

  • Manipulation & Hidden Practices
  • Title/ Ownership Validity
  • Misinformation & Delay
  • Corruption/ Hidden Promises
  • Information Leakage

Our Role & Experience

  • Soft Due-Diligence/ Investigation
  • Tactical Support to Team
  • Uncover New Opportunities
  • Entire life-Cycle Role


We identify new project and business opportunities for existing and new clients, particularly in our Focus Sectors.

Your business in India, like every relationship, must stand on a rock solid foundation.

How well do you really know lndia? The unwritten codes of local practice, the peculiar characteristics of particular business communities and groupings, the external influences? Can you trust your local partners, suppliers, employees and local advisors to provide you a rock solid foundation?

Who really owns the assets or rights being offered? Who is the real stakeholder(s) on the Indian side, who are you really dealing with? Is the proposed foundation of your deal legal, adequate and realistic? Will you be putting up large sums of money upfront and making significant contractual and non-contractual commitments?

Is the negotiation itself, the local establishment or the legal process being subtly manipulated? You may be impressed by the warm hospitality for which India is renowned, but have you enjoyed the culture but missed the point and any warning signs? Are you aware of how partners and employees have conducted themselves in the past and what local community itself really thinks? Do your CSR obligations require you to conduct an integrity and reputation check?

Have you established where lies the ‘no cross’ line when dealing with the government and its agencies? Or will you rely on local partners to protect your reputation? Are there un-stated “hidden promises and expectations” on your behalf that may later shock to your board?

Is your highly professional and competent local advisor really on your side and is your valuable information leaking out? Are you expecting your regular local legal due diligence and financial due diligence process to be sufficient?

Have you done all you can to protect your company’s reputation and capital?

We help you address these questions at each stage



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